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My name is Minki Hhan (한민기, 韓旻琪), a researcher in KIAS, Seoul.

My primarily topics are quantum algorithms and (post-)quantum cryptography, but I am also intested in more broader topics such as theoretical computer science or computational complexity.




See also DBLP and Google Scholar. The order of author names is in the alphabetical order unless marked with *.

Conference Papers

Journal Papers


Conference Talks

Miscellaneous (including review or introductory talks)


Crypto, Asiacrypt, PKC, CT-RSA, PQCrypt, WAHC, IEEE Access


I am occasionally participate some programming competitions, e.g. Samsung Collegiate Programming Cup 2017 and Google Hash Code 2021.

Other pages

[This page] collects my favorite research-related things.
[iO: State-of-the-art] had been maintained that introduces the status of iO constructions.
[Pseudorandom Things] is my (Korean) blog for posting random research-like topics.
You can find me on [Twitter], [ResearchGate], or [LinkedIn].